Video adds a new dimension to your property marketing. With motion and music potential buyers have a more emotional response and a better understanding of the home’s layout.

Video makes your property stand out in a crowded market, and sellers love the idea that your marketing includes not only professional photography but professional video as well.

Mini-Video – From just $75

A mini-video is the perfect low cost add-on to your still photography. At about a minute in length and set to music it’s a shorter video that hits the highlights of the home at a very reasonable cost. As such we typically capture one shot of each bedroom, a couple shots of the main living areas and kitchen, and use still photos for any exterior views. We focus on broad views and generally do not do closeups of features such as the oven, built in book cases, or unique fixtures.

It is delivered via YouTube link and embed code.

A mini-video is only available when we are also doing still photography of the home on the same trip.

Mini-video example



Full Video – From $150

A longer video for your listing that emphasizes more details and more views of the rooms. Both interior and exterior are filmed in full motion. Set to music a full video is typically about two to three minutes long. We upload the video to YouTube and send you a link and embed code so you can direct potential buyers to the video or even add it directly into your website or HTML emails.

If you require the video file to host it yourself we’ll need to deliver it on a disk (adds $15) as video files are far too large to email.

Full video example