Prices for our core service area: St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, and West counties

Up to $250k: $95
$250k – $500k: $125
$500k – $750k: $150
$750k – $1M: $175
$1m+: starts at $195

For properties outside our core area (Examples include: St. Louis City, Florissant, Creve Coeur, Ladue)

Up to $250k/2500sq.ft.: $125
$250k – $500k: $150
$500k – $750k: $175
$750k – $1M: $195
$1m+: starts at $225

Same-day turnaround and delivery of photos: Add $25

Additional Products and Services:

YouTube slideshow, with link for your website: $25

Add a You-tube slideshow created from your professional photos. We create the slideshow and upload it for you so you’re ready to embed it in your emails, webpage and social marketing. Fast and easy!

Simulated Twilight Package: Add $45

Nothing can perfectly match the beauty of a true twilight shoot, but we’ve developed a process that can give you 90% of the effect at a fraction of the cost by simulating it in the computer. This can be applied to homes photographed during the day which is more convenient for the agent or homeowner.

The primary factor for success: no direct sun on the face of the house. Schedule the shoot at a time of day when the sun is behind the house or on an overcast day.



Retouching: Typically $25/photo

All photos are enhanced for exposure and composition at no extra cost as part of your package, but sometimes a little more touch-up is needed. Typically retouching examples may include “fixing” holes in the wall, stains on the carpet, or patches of dead lawn.

We recommend this only when these issues are going to be repaired before the home is actually sold. Price varies by each photo depending upon the complexity of the editing, but typically is about $25 per photo.

Replace the sky: $15

Now you can turn those gray skies blue! Your property looks its best with an attractive blue sky and puffy white clouds. If the weather doesn’t cooperate you can take matters into your own hands.



Image Delivery

Images are delivered via email. Standard images are approximately 1000 pixels on the longest side. It’s a good balance, keeping them small enough for easy upload to Maris but large enough for the most common size found in printed brochures.

    • Medium Resolution: add $20

Ideal for brochures and print. Files are delivered at 2000 pixel resolution for photos printed up to 8×10 inches in brochures.

    • High Resolution: add $45 (includes CD)

High resolution files are typically used for large prints or full spreads in magazines and brochures. Most popular for commercial locations, high resolution files are delivered via CD and can fill an 11×17 inch spread. Due to the size of files, high resolution images are delivered on CD.

    • CD: add $15

Most agents find email is fast and easy, but if you prefer a CD it is available. We mail it directly to your home or office.