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All property shoots are done Monday – Friday, during normal business hours. To schedule an appointment, contact Patrick:

Call or text 636-345-1948

Be sure to tell us:
• Your name (of course)
• Property address
• The date (or range of dates) you want photos taken
• List price
• Whether you want still photos only or whether you want to include video
• Any specifics, such as lockbox or alarm code, etc.

Important Scheduling Note:

• We schedule for a specific day (ie: Wednesday, x/xx/xx) but we cannot schedule for a specific time (ie: 11:00). Due to the volume of properties we photograph on a given day, we route them in the most logical driving order.

• We cannot specify morning or afternoon. We start at 8:30 and photograph each property in the most efficient driving order without pause until all addresses are done. We still have several hours of enhancement to do to be ready to deliver the photos or videos, so we need to be done shooting as early in the day as possible.

•  The evening before the day of the shoot we email with an approximate time range (ie: arrival between 10:00 and 11:00) and refine that as the day progresses. Bear in mind that all times are approximate and subject to change throughout the day.

It is not necessary for an agent or homeowner to be present at the time of the shoot. We have a Supra key for access. Most agents and homeowners find this very convenient. If your homeowner is uncomfortable with this, please remind them that use of a supra key logs WHO entered their home and WHEN. This is just like another agent previewing or showing the home. 

All cancellations must be at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. 

While I understand that cancellations and rescheduling are sometimes unavoidable and occur at the last minute, be sure to let us know ASAP if the listing will not be ready for photos. Any cancellations that take place ON THE DAY of the appointed shoot are subject to a $75 fee.

All photo shoots are weather dependent for the safety of the photographer and in order to get the best exterior images possible, so schedules are always subject to change.

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